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    Urban Plants Indoor & Outdoor Plants Air plants/sky plants - Capitata Moroon
    Air plants/sky plants - Capitata Moroon
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    Urban Plants Air plants/sky plants - Tillandsia Fasiculata
    Air plants/sky plants - Tillandsia Fasiculata
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    Urban Plants Pack of 1 Air plants - Tillandsia ionantha
    Air plants - Tillandsia ionantha
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    If you've never grown plants before and are looking for something low maintenance, air plants might be your ideal match. These tropical succulents thrive on air, light, and water alone. All they need is a place to hang out! You can mount them on bookshelves or other shelves for an interesting accent piece or hang them from the ceiling to add some botanical beauty.

    Air plant care is pretty straightforward. If you can remember to water your houseplants once a week, you can grow an air plant with ease. Here's what you need to know.

    Air plants are epiphytes that are native to the Americas and the Caribbean Islands. They're found in climates with plenty of humidity and light rain. Though they don't need a soil medium, they do like high humidity and bright light conditions to thrive.

    Air plants are like free-growing orchids because they do not root in soil; they simply attach themselves to trees, rocks, and other substrate via their base or drip point. This is how they get their nutrients.

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