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    Urban Plants Seeds Combo of Marigold Seeds
    Combo of Marigold Seeds
    Urban Plants
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    Urban Plants Fragrant Flower Seeds Combo Pack Buy Fragrant Flowering Seeds Combo Pack Online-Urban Plants
    Fragrant Flower Seeds Combo Pack
    Urban Plants
    ₹ 259.00
    Urban Plants Set of 3 Flower Seeds Combo Buy Set of 3 Garden Flower Seeds Combo Online-Urban Plants
    Set of 3 Flower Seeds Combo
    Urban Plants
    ₹ 149.00

    Growing flowers from seed is the fastest growing vegetable you will see. A flower seed takes 30 days from seed to harvest, usually without much effort. Although All types of flower seeds require heat and light to grow quickly. Though They can be easily grown outdoors or in containers. It is very important to buy organic vegetable seeds from a reliable source.

    Similarly You can now buy All Types Of Flower seeds online At Urban plants. This flower seeds combo contains
     1) Aster Formula Mix
    2) Anthirihinium Semitalla Mix
    3) African Marigold F2 White
    4) Balsam (Impatiens Tom Thumb Mix)
    5) Brachycom Mixed
    6) Cleome Spinosa Mixed
    7) Cosmos Sensation Mixed
    8) Coleus Blumei Rainbow Mix
    9) Centaurea Dwarf Dbl Polka Dot (Aciano)
    10) Calendula fb Mix
    11) Chrysanthemum carinatum
    12) Chrysanthemum Paludosum White
    13) Cassandra (Kanakambaram)
    14) Clarkia Mix
    15) Hansa Cineraria Mix
    16) Celosia Cockscomb Mix
    17) Dahlia Variabillis Figaro Type Imperial Mix
    18) Dianthus Nelke Chubaud Mix
    19) Dimorphotica Glistening White (BCS)
    20) Delphinium Consolida Imperial Mix
    21) Dianthus baby doll
    22) Bellis Perennis Pomponette Mixed (Daisy Bellis)
    23) Gomphrena Choice Mix
    24) Gaillardia Aristata Mix
    25) Gazania
    26) Gerbera California Giants
    27) Helichrysum Mix
    28) Stockrose Mix
    29) Lupine Hartweggi Pixil Mix
    30) Lotus Mix
    31) Mesembryanthemum Heavens Mix
    32) Marigold Orange (Desi)
    33) Marigold Yellow (Desi)
    34) Osteospermum Mix
    35) Petunia N/C Mix
    36) Petunia Star Mix
      37)Portulaca Grandiflora Dbl Mix
    38) Rudbeckia Rustic Dwar
    39) Dhalia mix
    40) zinnia mix 
    41) sunflower seeds 

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