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    3 products
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    Iron Plant/Pot Stand
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    Indoor plant stands enhance the look of your plants and your home. I firmly believe in using indoor plants to improve our environment. Several studies have shown the many positive effects houseplants have on us, both physically and mentally; Houseplants drastically reduce air toxins; create a calming and relaxing environment; and they make us happy! (That explains #plants make people happy)

    More than 2 million followers and numerous ecological profiles on Instagram! What fascinates me most about plants, and cacti and succulents in particular, is their intricate and complex natural forms and how well they blend into interior spaces. It's interesting how designers in general, whether they're architects, interior designers or decorators, either hate or love plants as part of an interior space. of the plant interfered with all other colors and materials in the surrounding space.

    He was also convinced that the form of the plan did not harmonize with the architectural composition of the space. I absolutely respected that! As a standard, I've always communicated this to all photographers taking photos of the interiors I've worked on. Remove all plants before photographing! Then I switched to another architecture firm that had embraced plants as part of their interior design. That's when I learned that there is a plant for every environment.

    This is an analogy that applies to many things in life...

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