Flower Plants

Flower Plants

8 products
    8 products
    Hibiscus, Gudhal Flower Plant
    Chhaya enterprise
    ₹ 250.00
    Peace lily
    Avadhesh Kushwah
    ₹ 300.00
    Aptenia Cordifolia - Baby sun rose Plant
    Neelu Nangia
    ₹ 399.00
    Pink Geranium Plant
    Neelu Nangia
    ₹ 309.00
    Button Rose Plant
    ₹ 450.00
    English Rose Plant
    ₹ 499.00
    Kalanchoe Pink Flower Plant
    Sindhuja Martha
    ₹ 290.00

    Flower Plants are one of the prettiest plant categories. We have more than 500+ flowering  plants also we will provide some easy tips and tricks which will help you to maintain them. 

    Some of the easier flowering plants for beginners are- peace lily,  rose, sunflowers, zinnias,  Dianthus, portulaca grandiflora, fuchsia, jasmine, Kalanchoe flower, Hibiscus Plant, Crossandra firecracker,  ixora, Hydrangea, Bird of Paradise,  lotus, water lily, Bougainvillea etc. 

    Planting different flowering plant seasonally required so much care like watering sunlight fertilizer amounts. Correct watering and sunlight is the key of healthy plant. 

    Get your Plants on your doorstep from Urban Plants. Urban plants have a huge stock in different flowering plants,  exotic plants of a different varieties. You can get a 1000+ Gardening Inputs like Seeds, Plants, Pots, Bulbs, Planters and Tools on our marketplace and get free support from our experts. 


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