Radish seeds

Urban Plants SKU: UP00010120
Urban Plants Seeds Radish  seeds
Urban Plants Seeds Radish  seeds

Radish seeds

Urban Plants SKU: UP00010120
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The radish is a hardy cool-weather annual. Radish roots can be globe-shaped or long and tapered. Roots can be white, red, or black colored. Radishes form a rosette of lobed leaves on stems rising from the root.

 Seeds quantity        - 100 seeds

Seed Sowing- Plant a few seeds at a time, every couple of weeks. Sow them in thin rows or blocks at a depth of about 1 cm (0.5 inches). Thin the seedlings before they get cluttered; summer radishes should be thinned to about 1 in (2.5 cm) apart, and winter ones to 6 in (15 cm).

Time of planting- Radish seeds can be sown throughout the year directly on the ground. Best results are found during Indian winters. Cool climate & full sunlight is ideal situation to grow Radish.

Light requirement - Radishes prefer direct sunlight and require at least 6 hours of light to generate adequate bulbs. Radishes are also a cool-season vegetable that will bolt in warmer weather, producing seed instead of fat tiny bulbs.

Water requirement - Once most of the seeds have sprouted, thin the seedlings out, so that there is one plant spaced every two inches from each other. Continue to water, maintaining a soil that is thoroughly moist, but not over watered. Watering every other day should be just fine for your radishes.

Transplanting - They mature in only three to four weeks from seed, but transplanting radishes can be helpful if your summers are hot and your spring and autumn are unusually short. ... Transplant radish seedlings when they have two sets of leaves. Take the planting flat or container with radish seedlings outdoors.



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