Carrot seeds

Urban Plants SKU: UP00010115
Carrot seeds
Carrot seeds

Carrot seeds

Urban Plants SKU: UP00010115
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Carrot is a hardy, cool-season vegetable. Carrots are eaten both raw and cooked and they can be stored for winter use.

 Seeds quantity      -     1000 seeds 

Soil-Carrots will grow best in loose soil that is full of organic matter and well-decomposed compost. Carrots enjoy a pH of 6.0 to 6.5. They do not grow robustly in very acidic soil or soil that is too rich in nitrogen

Light- To grow carrot seeds, it is necessary to have full sun, which is considered 6 or more hours of UV light on that area. Carrots prefer well-drained soil that is free of large stones that could block growth. Amending the soil with mature so that it is fertile is great before planting vegetables.

Water - Moderate Water; let the top 1cm of the layer of soil dry up before watering the plant again. Soil Type & Prep - Sandy, well-drained loamy soil; clear the soil of trash, rocks, and large pieces of tree bark. Finer pieces of plant material get mixed into the soil for enrichment.


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