Air plants - Tillandsia ionantha

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Urban Plants Pack of 1 Air plants - Tillandsia ionantha
Urban Plants Pack of 5 Air plants - Tillandsia ionantha

Air plants - Tillandsia ionantha

Urban Plants SKU: UPV003
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Botanical Name: Tillandsia ionantha and other Tillandsia species.

These rootless wonders allow many creative possibilities for how to grow them. Stylish Tillandsia arrangements are sure to grab attention wherever you display them.

This tropical house plant from the Bromeliad family grows in a rosette of arching thin, green leaves, with deep pink or red plume-like bracts, and violet-blue flowers that appear in summer. 

About the Tillandsia ionantha plant:
Tillandsia ionantha air plants and other species of Tillandsia are small epiphytes that love air and humidity and are happy to be around good air . So they should be placed near windows. 
Tillandsia grows without soil . 

Blooming and flowers:
Tillandsia do not bloom early . They give flowers only once in their lifetime and then die. Before blooming the plant turn reddish or bright pink .

Propagation can be done by:
They are propagated through pups that are small offsets produced by the mother plant.  
Do not separate the pups immediately from the mother otherwise they will die.

Do not separate them until they attain the half size of its parent.

Light requirement for the plant:
Partial, indirect light is good for Tillandsia and recommended to keep the plant always indoors. 
Do not expose the plant to bright sunlight otherwise it will be damaged.
In winter it is suggested to keep your plants outside only for some time .

Water requirements 
Good misting is required twice a week or alternately . The plant can also be submerged in water but ensure that the plant should not soak the water otherwise it will die. 
After sinking and taking out, let the excess water drain out.

Fertilizer requirement:
Fertilizer is not required for Tillandsia but to induce its growth liquid can be given once in a month either in summer or winter.

Do not keep plants in A.C rooms .
Proper ventilated rooms are best for this plant.
Keep the plant indoors near the window or kitchen, bathroom or table top.

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