Air plants/ Sky plants - Blushed branch

Urban Plants SKU: UPV009
Urban Plants Air plants/ Sky plants - Blushed branch

Air plants/ Sky plants - Blushed branch

Urban Plants SKU: UPV009
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Air plant /sky plant - Blushed branch 

About the plant:

Tillandsia Blushed branch plants are sky plants that survive without soil. They possess undeveloped roots which are only present to take support of other plants as they grow under the shade of other plants.  


The Tillandsia Blushed branch does not need soil for growth. 

Water requirements:

Tillandsia is a moisture loving plant and thrives well where humidity is enough. 

It blooms once in a lifetime and then dies . 

This plant requires little misting for growth. 

In summers misting can be done regularly whereas in winters the misting can be done weekly.

Light requirements:

Air plant needs partial and shaded light . 

Direct bright sunlight may harm the plant .

Fertilizer requirements:

Fertilizers are not necessarily required for Tillandsia Blushed branch air plant because partial light and regular misting of water is enough for the survival of the air plant but to induce the growth and flowering it can be dipped in liquid fertilizer. Fertilizer can be given once or twice a month. 


It blooms purple color flowers . The most important thing about air plants is that they grow without soil without water and are Hardy plants that can tolerate various temperatures and climates . 


This plant is propagated through pups . 



This plant can be displayed in the kitchen, bathroom,  living room etc where enough humidity is present. 

Points to care :

If light and water requirements are fulfilled then Tillandsia will thrive best .

This plant can be placed anywhere in your home where proper ventilation is present.

Avoid extra misting and overwatering; this will kill the plant .

Urban plants is offering a Tillandsia plant sale in this festive season. 

Note :

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Tillandsia Bulbosa - Blushed branch

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