Air plants/sky plants - Capitata Moroon

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Urban Plants Indoor & Outdoor Plants Air plants/sky plants - Capitata Moroon

Air plants/sky plants - Capitata Moroon

Urban Plants SKU: UPD0022
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Tillandsia capitata 'Moroon' is a spectacular cultivar of capitata that has very maroon leave.

The capitata species grows in evergreen and deciduous forests and is highly variable in size, shape and color.

Air plant/sky plant - capitata maroon 

About the plant:

Tillandsia Capitata maroon is an air plant/sky plant that is good indoor plants . You can buy this and display it on beautiful glass bottles, rocks ,sea shells etc and give a new look to your table top , entrance , window etc.

Inflorescence and blooming: 

This plant blooms from the inflorescence and gets a peach blush.The flowers of capitata maroon are purple in color . 

Temperature requirements:

 The optimum temperature for the growth is approx 10 degree celsius to 32 degree celsius but it can also withstand various temperatures. This plant does not require soil for growth . Well ventilated rooms are best for placing the plants .

The plant absorbs moisture from air for its survival. 

Light requirements :

The direct sunlight may burn its leaves so to avoid this the plant should be kept in shaded regions. 

Also Tillandsia Capitata maroon can be given artificial sunlight for growth. This plant needs partial light for growth. 


The plant should be fertilized once or twice In a month.

Best places to display the plant:

The plant can kept near the window, kitchen ,bathroom, living room etc

Water requirements:

For watering only misting is preferred . Excess water should be avoided as this may kill the plant. 

Tillandsia capitata care :

Regular watering/misting and exposing it to indirect sun regularly will give best growth. 

Soak Capitata once or twice monthly for 20 minutes in water with fertilizer or in clean rain water or water from a natural fresh water source (stream, lake, pond).

NEVER allow your plant to sit in water or soil or remain wet for more than three hours. Fertilize sparingly once or twice monthly, usually during the soak.

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