Air plants/Sky plants - Capitata Yellow

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Urban Plants Air plants/Sky plants - Capitata Yellow

Air plants/Sky plants - Capitata Yellow

Urban Plants SKU: UPD0098
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Air plant- Tillandsia Capitata yellow  

About the Tillandsia Capitata yellow plant:
Capitata yellow is an air plant that grows without soil .
This plant needs good aeration and thrives best when proper aeration is provided to the plant. 

The soil is harmful for the plant, they thrive best without soil by absorbing oxygen and humidity from the surrounding. 
Tillandsia capitata inflorescence turns somewhat peach in colour before flowering. 

Light requirements :
Capitata yellow requires full sunlight but only in morning and evening. Do not expose plant to full sunlight in mid day otherwise it may die 
.This plant needs partial sunlight on bright sunny days and full light in morning and evening. 

Water requirements:
Regular misting in summers and alternate misting in winters is required for the plant.

Tillandsia Capitata yellow can be displayed:
The plant is a display plant and can be kept in several places without soil. It can also be hung on walls and doors with a thread.  
Also it can be placed on the table top where you work on your laptop.
Also near the wifi router, TV, kitchen , near the window etc.

The propagation can be done through pups which are produced by the mother plant .
The pups should not be separated very soon after emergence . 

This plant needs good aeration, humidity, light and plants for its survival. 

Note :
During winters in absence of Sunlight they should be provided with fluorescent light.

The plants should be saved from lower temperatures by avoiding placing this plant in A.C rooms . 

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