Air plants/ Sky plants - Tillandsia cacticola

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Urban Plants Air plants/ Sky plants - Tillandsia cacticola

Air plants/ Sky plants - Tillandsia cacticola

Urban Plants SKU: UPV011
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The Tillandsia cacticola makes an easy and unique addition to almost any area of your home, inside or out. Because the Tillandsia cacticola is an air plant, it needs no soil and can be placed in a variety of locations.

Botanical Name - Tillandsia cacticola

Common Name -  Air plant

Plant Type  - Houseplant or annual

Mature Size -  6 inches tall and 6 to 18 inches wide

Sun Exposure -  Bright, indirect light to full sun

Bloom Time  - Once, when fully matured

Flower Color  - White

Air plants /sky plant - Tillandsia cacticola 

About the Tillandsia cacticola 

Tillandsia cacticola is commonly called air plants. It is called so because it is grown on rocks for support . Tillandsia does not require any soil potting mixture because it is grown in air .

The healthy and live plant is green in color . It attracts positivity . This plant is a display plant and also a show off plant .

Tillandsia cacticola can be placed:

This plant can be hung on walls or kept in  transparent glass .The plant is best to keep on your table top, kitchen, bathroom,  bedroom, and can be hung on the entrance. 

Water requirement 

Little misting is sufficient for the plant. It   can survive without water for some days . Proper ventilation is required for the growth.

Light requirement

This plant tolerates various temperatures but partial or shaded light is best for this plant.


Tillandsia cacticola plants bloom only once in their life . After blooming it dies . Tillandsia flowers are purple in appearance.  

Propagation of Tillandsia cacticola 

The propagation of this plant is not easy, it takes much time to propagate and is done through pups generally. 

Fertilizers for Tillandsia cacticola 

Fertilize the plant once in a month with liquid fertilizer to induce the blooming .


Excess water and direct bright sunlight will kill your air plant . 

You can buy Tillandsia from urban plants and give a touch of beauty to your bedroom .

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