Air plants/ Sky plants - Stricta Brazil

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Urban Plants Air plants/ Sky plants - Stricta Brazil

Air plants/ Sky plants - Stricta Brazil

Urban Plants SKU: UPD0099
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Air plant/sky plant - Stricta Brazil 

Stricta brazil is an air plant native to Argentina, Trinidad, Venezuela,  Brazil. This plant loves moisture and humidity. 

Stricta brazil plant is a small epiphyte that does not require soil for germination and growth . 

Light requirements:

Stricta Brazil needs indirect sunlight for growth.  They are suitable indoors but can be placed outside in the morning and evening for direct sunlight . 

Water requirements:

Stricta brazil does not require too much water for growth, it is just that you need to maintain good humidity around the plant because it absorbs moisture and nutrients from   air .

In summer daily misting is required whereas in winters misting can be done on alternate days . Weekly misting can be done when the temperature is very low.

The other way of watering is to dunk the plant in water completely and after a few minutes take out the plant from water  . Ensure that excess water is removed and the plant is dried completely. This activity can be done once a week in the summer. 

Flowering :

Do not expect flowers from the plant too soon because it flowers only once in lifetime and then dies. Their flowers are somewhat violet in color and inflorescence turns pink before blooming .


Propagation can be done through pups which are produced by mother plants . These pups are very sensitive so should not be separated from mother plants until they grow at least half size of mother plant. 

These pups should be separated after that and should be nourished separately 

Stricta brazil can be displayed on:

Table top where you work regularly on laptops. It can be placed near the TV,  wifi router,  kitchen, bathroom and at the entrance.


If you are keeping the plant outside for fulfilling the light requirement then it should be kept under the shade of other plants to avoid burning of leaves .


Ventilated rooms are required for air plants .

Do not keep the plant in A.C rooms.

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