27 Most Exotic Philodendron Plants You Can Grow

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Discover the most Exotic Philodendron Plants and grow these tropical beauties in your home that also purify indoor air while looking stunning!

Coming in hundreds of species, choosing the right Philo plant for your home can be quite challenging, but not anymore! Here are the most Exotic Philodendron Plants you can include in your rooms!

Exotic Philodendron Plants

1. Philodendron Paraiso Verde




Also known as Marina Ruy Barbosa, this climbing variety features striking speckled and variegated elongated leaves. It prefers bright and indirect light.

2. Moonlight Philodendron




This hybrid cultivar has light green to dark leaves. The new foliage appears in a bright chartreuse lime-green yellow shade.

3. Philodendron Variegata ‘Ring of Fire’

This exotic variety offers leaves in unique shapes and variegation in shades from sunset orange to brick red to pink to deep green. The patterns on the leaves can be speckled, blotched, striped, or mottled.

4. Philodendron Florida Ghost

The Philodendron pedatum has several lobes on the leaves and start with an eye-catching white shade, slowly turning to light green. After maturity, the leaves turn entirely green.

5. Selloum Philodendron


The philodendron plants are grown as a large houseplant indoors and mostly planted outdoors as perennial in warm-winter regions. It features dark green foliage with ruffled edges.

6. Super Atom Philodendron Plants

‘Super Atom’ looks like a miniature version of its sibling Selloum. It has ruffled leaves of a deep green hue and can grow up to 2-5 feet tall and wide with time.

7. Grazielae Philodendron Plants

‘Grazielae’ is a stunning plant showcasing heart-shaped leaves and thick stems. This hard-to-find species is pleasantly easy to grow.

8. Prince of Orange Philodendron Plants

This large, shrubby variety offers new leaves in the rich coppery-orange shade. The plant can grow up to 2-4 feet inches tall.

9. Green Congo Philodendron




This beautiful variety has large, upright-growth and offers bright, shiny green leaves that turn deep chartreuse with age.

10. Golden Goddess Philodendron Plants

‘Golden Goddess’ offers stunning neon yellow and narrower leaves. It looks outstanding in both baskets and ceramic pots.

11. Thai Sunrise Philodendron Plants

This exotic variety produces 7-10 inches long leaves that grow in light and dark green shades. It is a great climbing plant when provided with the right support.

12. Rojo Congo Philodendron Plants

This variety has upright growth and dark green leaves. Its new foliage emerges with a flush of purple-red hue.

13. Micans Philodendron


This plant has a satin-like velvety texture, and beautiful green tochartreuse color leaves flushed in a purple hue.

14. Philodendron ‘Lemon Lime’

‘Lemon Lime’ offers trailing foliage in a bright green-yellow shade. The cascading stems can reach up to 1-2 feet in length.

15. Silver Leaf Philodendron Plants

This attractive cultivar has olive green leaves marked in silver splotches. It is quite bushier compared to most Philo varieties and offers a fantastic sheen on the foliage.

16. Philodendron Burle Marx

‘Burle Marx’ is an easy to grow stunning plant with elliptical, thick, leather-like green leaves arranged in an upright form.

17. Silver Sword Philodendron Plants

‘Philodendron Hastatum’ has glossy, long and ovate, blue-tinged silver-green leaves on thick stems. It has a climbing growth habit.

18. Philodendron Black Cardinal


‘Black Cardinal’ displays deep burgundy, almost black foliage on red stems. If you love dark houseplants, this is a perfect choice for you!

19. Philodendron Mayoi

‘Mayoi’ showcases exceptionally beautiful, cut foliage in a bright green hue. The lobed leaves are glossy and have a rubber-like texture.

20. Philodendron Melanochrysum

This tropical variety has dark green, almost black crystalline foliage with bright light green to yellow veins. The word ‘Melanochrysum’ implies ‘Black Gold.’

21. Lickety Split

This philodendron makes a statement with its huge leaves with deep splits and curly margins. Every leaf acquires a new shape and shows off a rich green shade with new growth reflect lime hue.

22. Philodendron Minima

Rhaphidophora tetraspermais different from the philodendron genus but is fondly called Philodendron Minima or Mini Monstera. It is a vining plant and offers small shiny green leaves that split with age.

23. Philodendron Narrow

Also known as Jungle Boogie, Sharks Tooth, and ‘Tiger tooth’ because of serrated margins. It features narrow green, densely toothed edged foliage that reflects a jungle feel.

24. Philodendron Oxapapense

This captivating philodendron species has triangular leaves with lightly striped color or effect. It is a fast-grower in favorable conditions.

25. Philodendron genevievianum

This beautiful philo exhibits stunning bright green long narrow semi pleated leaves with fuzzy green petioles. It is a fast-growing climber that’s also easy to care for.

26. Philodendron Fun Bun

This variety showcases a canopy of long leaves that twist out from the stems. Its new growth starts to split and coil with maturity.

27. Philodendron Fat Boy

This variety has long, flask-like, thick, plumped, fat stems with dark green leaves. It prefers warm areas with bright indirect light.

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