The best plants trending for Cafe & Restaurant Interiors

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We all know plants make air cleaner. The use of plants in a restaurant or cafe serves the purpose of purifying the air and it also attracts the people towards your restaurant interior. Apart from this logically, there have been several studies conducted emphasizing the fact that the use of plants in cafe interior design  helps to reduce toxins and pollutants in the air and purify it naturally.

What plants are the best suite for a cafe or restaurant?

Plants for cafes and restaurants Here are a few ideas, to make a better start. But it depends as, Only you know what type of environment you have in your cafe  in terms of temperature, light, humidity and ventilation of air, so trying to find the best houseplant for your cafe will be a hit and trial method. 

1). Sedum-type succulent

This plant can be used as a center-piece for your restaurant interior displayed or planted in a succulent bowl.

2). Monstera plants

In the monstera family, not all monstera are best suited for your cafe interior plant but monstera adansonii and monstera deliciosa can be the best plant for your restaurant’s interior. As monstera adansonii has smaller leaves so you can use it as hangings or into a plant corner. Monstera deliciosa has large leaves and can be used as a corner plant  so that its leaves have enough room to unfold and shine. 

3). Strings of succulents

If you want to give your restaurant plant a modern edge then this plant is best for the same. Strings of succulent fall down in a hanging pot so you can display them in the entrance of your cafe, don’t plant them inside of a cafe areas as they may disturb the people by its presence.

4) Hoya plants

Each hoya plant flower has a star shaped set of petals and an inner star-shaped flower. Hoyas look beautiful as they are trailing plants, so you can hang it or place it on a high shelf or in the entrance with plants and coffee quotes. 

5) Bromeliads

Bromeliads are non-toxic so you can place them anywhere in your restaurant interior as fillers or you can also create a selfie point with the Bromeliads corner as it has a beautiful centered flower in between its leaves.

6). Zamioculcas Zamiifolia plants

Plants for restaurants The zamioculcas is a minimal plant so you can place it in a corner or by itself on a shelf. The other species ZZ Zenzi plant is quite hardy, so you can place it somewhere darker or in unseen corners or in washrooms of your restaurant, and it will still survive.

7). Spider plants

Spider Plants are extremely easy and exuberant indoor specimens. They can grow easily and can be a good fit for your cafes & restaurants tables as well as can be also used as decorative minimals

8). Begonia

Begonia is a flower plant with a bright & variety of colors. This plant can be used as side railings of the chairs and tables and can be also used in balconies of your restaurant. With so many different shapes, sizes, and colors, begonias can easily take the spotlight in any restaurant patio setting.

9). Tulips

Tulips can be used as the best romanticizing plant in your cafe specially for the couples. So it will be the best idea to serve your customers with so much love on dine-in.

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10). Pelargonium

This gorgeous plant with its green leaves and beautiful vibrant flowers is really eye-catching. Not only this, these plants are low maintenance as well. They can easily survive with direct sunlight so you can place them  outdoors to give a simple small outdoor cafe design and with this beautiful plant you can impress your customers!!

Plants and greenery not only have the power to transform your restaurant into a lush, oasis destination, but they can also present your restaurant as more attractive, healthful, and therefore, instills confidence in new frequenters. 

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    Looking for a small, red/orange flowering plant or succulent for dining room tables. Low maintenance. Possibly a small white orchid? Any ideas? Thank you!

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    Please send me the details and quotes

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