String Of Pearls- Succulent Plant

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Plant’s Nirvana Indoor Plant String Of Pearls- Succulent Plant

String Of Pearls- Succulent Plant

Plant’s Nirvana SKU: PN0012
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String of pearls is a succulent plant which is generally seen in homes sprawling out from the edges of the hanging planters and containers The are named string of pearls because of their as they look like beaded necklace due to their fleshy-green pea shaped leaves. The stems of plant are thin resembling thread while the leaves on it give a look of beads. The plant is native to southwest Africa and is known by the names of 'String of beads' or 'string of peas' while scientifically it is known as 'Senecio rowleyanus'.

Basic Requirement:
Sunlight: 4-6 hours of full sunlight everyday.
Soil: Well - drained, fertile and low in organic content.
Watering: Watering mainly depends on season i.e., high for summers and low for winters.
Fertilizer: No fertilizer application is required.

The maximum reachable height of string of pearls plant is around 3 feet and the pale yellow color flower blooms b/w spring to fall.

Planting & care

  • As it is a succulent plant it is quite easy to grow.
  • String of pearls leaves need a bright sunny location.
  • Repotting should be done after the rainy season when it outgrows in the current pot.
  • Repotting should be done with 3:1:1:1/2 potting soil, sand , grit and compost.
  • While repotting make sure to not disturb the root structure of the plant.
  • String of pearls requires special care during winter season; try to keep it indoors during winters.
  • Use neem oil in case of any bug or aphid infestation.

Uses & Significance

  • String of pearls due to its unique appearance is generally used as a houseplant whereas it also increases the aesthetics of a place.
  • They are known to convey the feeling of important human values such as humility, purity and tranquility between individuals.
  • They are often used to decorate corner shelves and wardrobe region in a sunny location of a house as they are sun loving plants.

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