Yellow Rose Plant

Neelu Nangia SKU: NN000124
Yellow Rose Plant
Yellow Rose Plant
Yellow Rose Plant

Yellow Rose Plant

Neelu Nangia SKU: NN000124
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 Yellow rose plant is one of the best flowering plants which provide year-round flowering along with this they are considered as a symbol of happiness, pleasure, and companionship. The flowers of a yellow rose plant are like any other normal rose plant filled with a tuft of petals. 

▪︎Basic requirements of Yellow Rose Plant- 

• Sunlight: 4- 6 hours of daily sunlight is ideal for flowering.

• Soil: Well-drained, fertile rich in organic matter.

• Watering: Water the plant thoroughly in summer and reduce watering in winter by checking the moisture content.

• Fertilizer: Fertilizer application can be done during the growing season i.e, Feb to June and July to September.

The yellow rose plant can grow up to a maximum height of 2 feet also it's a common choice for gardeners since it blooms all around the year.

Planting & care

  • As the plat needs daily 6 hours of sunlight.
  • Removal of dead and decaying parts of the yellow rose is essential as this will lead to the promotion of the growth of new branches and better air circulation throughout the plant.
  • Do not overwater as this may lead to root rot.
  • Try not to water on the petals of yellow rose as this can lead to various fungal infections.

Uses & significance of Yellow rose plant-

  • Rose plants are used in creating winsome landscapes and bouquets.
  • They have been extensively used in the commercial formulation of perfumes due to their fragrance.
  • Yellow rose plants have been used little in medicinal formulations as well.

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