Sedum jelly bean

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Plants Collection Succulent Sedum jelly bean

Sedum jelly bean

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It is a succulent plant of Mexican origins. It is a species of Sedum belonging to the plant genus Crassulaceae.

Grow in full sun, average, dry to medium, well-drained soil. prefers a sandy, slightly dry soil. The plant needs good soil drainage, especially in the winter when soggy to wet soils might be harmful. Do not overwater. good resistance to heat and drought.

Common Name        -  Jelly bean plant, pork and beans.

Maximum Height     -  0.25 to 1 feet.

Flower Colour           -  Pink.

Bloom Time               -  June to September.

Difficulty Level          -  Easy to grow.

Planting and care 

When handling this succulent plant, exercise caution because it might irritate people's skin. Make sure neither kids nor pets consume this plant. The delicate leaves of jellybean plants are prone to falling off.

Ensure that neither kids nor dogs consume this plant. The delicate leaves of the jelly bean plant are prone to falling off. Dig a hole twice as large as the sedum's root area before planting it outdoors in full light, or clean the pot well in hot, soapy water before using it for container gardening.

Sedum  jelly bean care

The jelly bean plant, also known as the pork and beans plant, is an intriguing succulent with leaves that resemble jelly beans. Its green leaves turn bright crimson in the summer, and in the spring, it produces yellow flowers.

Sunlight           -   Full Sun

Watering         -  Medium

Soil                   -  Well-drained soil

Temperature     -  26 degrees Celsius 

Fertilizer           -  Apply any organic fertilizer

Sedum feature 

Utilize a cactus to fertilize once each month in the spring and summer.

Ornamental Use 

The plant is utilized as a decorative item.


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