Purple False Eranthemum Plant

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Purple False Eranthemum Plant

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Violet False Eranthemum is an upright, open shrub with few branches unless the stems are clipped out periodically when young. The garden gains an exquisite dimension, thanks to a dense mass of purple leaves. Excellent for contrasting with plants that have green or golden foliage. In case of hot areas, the plant prefers some shade. An excellent accent plant for patio or porch planters. Tubular white flowers, 2.5 cm long, with rose-red or purple spots at the bases, are produced in dense, terminal spikes that reach a length of 18 cm during the summer.


The plant needs continually moist soil; avoid letting it get too dry in between watering.


Early sun and late-night shade

Potting mix

Any quality potting soil. Use a container that can drain well.


To keep the Purple False plant healthy, fertilize it at least twice a year. If you choose, you can fertilize more frequently, especially if you grow it in a sunny location. Use any fertilizer for indoor plants


Your present pH level will be revealed by an accurate soil test. Finely crushed limestone is used to neutralize acidic (sour) soil, and ground sulphur is used to treat alkaline (sweet) soil. For best results, place your mail-order rose order in January or February (March at the latest). They are typically transported as bare roots in the spring, when plants are completely dormant and before they have sprouted leaves.

Ornamental Use 

The plant is used as a decoration.

Medicinal uses 

It is a typical plant that grows in woodland places and has a number of health advantages.

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