Honey snake plant

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Honey snake plant

Pinto at Greenland SKU: PIN024
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Sansevieria trifasciata is commonly called snake plant, because of the shape of its leaves, or mother-in-law's tongue because of their sharpness. It forms dense stands, spreading by way of its creeping rhizomes, which are sometimes above ground, sometimes underground. Its erect leaves grow vertically from a basal rosette. Mature leaves are dark green with light gray-green cross-banding and are usually 70–90 cm in length and 5–6 cm in width. 

  • Plant Name- Snake Plant
  • Soil- well drained
  • Light- bright, indirect light
  • Type- Herb
  • Suitable Location- Indoor, Outdoor
  • Height- 150 mm
  • Native -Africa.
  • Net Quantity 1 count
  • Available in Pot

    Easy care Tips 

    Do not water too often. Allow the soil to mostly dry between watering.

    Snake plants do best in a free-draining soil mix because they tend to rot easily.

    Snake plants form rhizomes and are easily divided. Although this can be done anytime, the best months are February to March.

    Important benefits of Honey snake plants

    • Snake plants, like other indoor succulents, help filter the air. This plant is unique because it is one of the few plants that can convert CO2 to oxygen overnight.
    • Snake plants are also known to filter harmful toxins
    • Snake plants can provide adequate protection against airborne allergens due to their ability to absorb and remove toxic chemicals.

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    *(We send all the succulents bare rooted/without soil because with soil there are chances of root rot.)

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