Haworthia Retusa

Haworthia Retusa
Haworthia Retusa
Haworthia Retusa

Haworthia Retusa

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Haworthia retusa is also called Star Cactus. Even though it is called “Star Cactus,” Haworthia retusa is a soft window succulent with translucent leaves.

Haworthia species can be found in full, bright sun, many live in more protected spots and therefore are adapted to thrive in partial shade (though few look their best without at least some direct sun or bright light)

WATER - Watering is one of the only challenges of caring for a haworthia retusa. Like most succulents, it doesn't need frequent watering, causing many owners to accidentally overwater the plant. Allow the soil to dry out between each watering. During the summer, water the soil sparingly.

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