Buy Gladiolus Flower Bulbs mix color( in bulk)

Urban Plants™ Buy Gladiolus Flower Bulbs  mix color( in bulk)
Urban Plants™ Buy Gladiolus Flower Bulbs  mix color( in bulk)

Buy Gladiolus Flower Bulbs mix color( in bulk)

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ABOUT GLADIOLUS: Gladiolus is botanically called Gladiolus communis or Gladiolus italica and belongs to the family Iridaceae. A wide range of several other species of the crop is available worldwide. They are commonly grown as ornamentals. The plant's basic features include sword-shaped flowers of various colours ranging from yellow to white, red, and pink. The gladiolus plant usually grows between a height of 2 to 5 feet.

WEATHER & NUTRITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: The plant demands well-drained, water retaining moist soil. We need to make sure to remove all the dead flowers to ensure their continuous growth and Water them regularly in the summers. Gladiolus flowers are generally shed off during the winter. However, they bloom the best during the late summer to the early autumn season. It requires direct sunlight. An exposure of 4-5 hours of bright sunlight is required. Light fertilization once a month is all that's needed to maintain healthy growth.

HOW TO PROPAGATE GLADIOLUS BULBS: Gladiolus are plants that require little care and are often grown as low-maintenance garden plants. Gladiolus plants are the best-preferred option to cover up the edges of a building's garden, balcony, or terrace space. They are one of the most preferred choices in bouquet making as well. The bulbs are sown at one inch deep in the soil bed with a spacing of 30×20 cm between two consecutive rows and the same bulbs in a row. As the plant prefers a moist soil surface, a wet soil surface has to be ensured to get the best results. Dried bulbs can be stored in a cool space for future use.

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