Air plants/ Sky plants - Recurvifolia

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Urban Plants Air plants/ Sky plants - Recurvifolia

Air plants/ Sky plants - Recurvifolia

Urban Plants SKU: UPD0070
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Air plant /sky plant - Tillandsia Recurvifolia 


Tillandsia recurvifolia  is a small epiphyte plant that survives without soil and absorbs moisture and air from the air.

This plant gets its nourishment from the surrounding air.

The plant's freshness depends on how much you care for your plant. 



Tillandsia recurvifolia blooms only once in a lifetime and then dies after giving flowers. 


Propagation is done through seeds and pups.

The pups are offsets that are produced by main or mother plant . 

These air plants should not be separated immediately from the mother  plants otherwise it may die. 

Appereance of the plant :

The plant is quite attractive as the inflorescence turns bright pinkish before blooming. 

Light requirement :

The plant need shaded and partial light for growth.  

The plant should not be exposed to full sunlight otherwise it may die. 

During winters , artificial fluorescent light should be provided to the plant if required. 

Water requirement:

Little bit of misting should be done more than thrice times in a week . 

Make sure that plant is properly dried after watering. 


The plant does not require fertilizer but to induce the flowering  liquid fertilizers can be given to the plant .

Tillandsia plant near you :

Tillandsia air plants are available in urban plants , buy from anywhere in India .

Tillandsia can be propagate -

Tillandsia can be propagated through seeds and pups and these are available in urban plants. 

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