What is the blooming season of lily flowers

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Asiatic lily bulbs Urban plants The prime time of blooming of Lily occurs in the monsoon season and spring season . They commonly bloom in the month of July and last till August. The blooming also depends upon the size of bulb planted and the amount of fertilizer given to the plant. If the proper amount of fertilizer is given to the plant then the blooming may last till September. 

What is  Asiatic lily ?

Asiatic Lily is commonly propagated through bulbs in October and November. Large sized bulbs give large and beautiful flowers. The bulbs which are selected for planting should be solid, big and healthy. Its sepals and petals are the same colour as yellow. After blooming it needs a high amount of potassium so it should be given sufficient amount of potassium in order to induce good growth and next blooming. Potassium can be applied in every 20 days of interval. Many colourful flowers can be grown . It is a winter season plant .  Asiatic Lily plants flowers once in the winter season and flower size completely depends on the size of bulbs.It is also propagated through seed but this is suitable in temperate regions only.

Some information about Lily 

Asiatic lily bulbs Urban plants It can be grown as an indoor plant as well as outdoor plant. It needs a good drainage and at least 4 hours of sun per day and some partial shade will benefit them and makes the flower long lasting. It can be planted in Spring or before spring season through bulbs. Once the Lily plant starts growing, apply some fertilizers for better growth instead of fertilizers vermi compost can also be used. 

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