Types of Brown Flower Names

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Brown is the color of warmth and stability. If you want blooms of this unusual color in your garden then check out Types of Brown Flower Names!

Best Types of Brown Flowers

1. Angel Amber Kiss Pansy

‘Horned Pansy Angel Amber Kiss’ is a biennial plant, featuring golden-orange-brown color flowers from April- July. This pansy variety is ideal for containers, path edging, and front lawn flower beds.

2. Bearded Irises

Botanical Name: Iris germanica

Bearded iris is available in unusual color combinations. Some hybrid varieties include dull orange, bronze, or brown. Some popular flowers with brown petals are: ‘Rodeo Girl,’ ‘Supreme Sultan,’ ‘Spiced Tiger,’ ‘Red Hawk,’ ‘Boss Tweed,’ ‘Brown Duet,’ Spiced Lemon,’ ‘Bronzette Star,’ ‘Ruffled Feathers,’ ‘Dodge City,’ and ‘Living Legacy.’

3. Daylilies

Botanical Name: Hemerocallis spp.

Many new daylily cultivars are a result of crossbreeding. New varieties include rusty brown flowers like ‘Sweet Hot Chocolate’ and ‘Sir Mod Red.’

4. Columbines

Botanical Name: Aquilegia spp.

Columbines flower in mid-spring. Brown varieties include ‘Black Barlow,’ ‘Chocolate,’ ‘Single Black,’ ‘Roman Bronze,’ Futaba ‘Lantern’ brown-orange, and ‘William Guinness,’ which is more on maroon than bronze.

5. Oriental Poppy

Botanical Name: Papaver orientale

If you want the fall colors in your garden, then go with flowering perennial ‘Royal Chocolate Distinction.’ It has a red-bronze petal but looks like brown at first glance.

6. Japanese Arisaema

Botanical Name: Arisaema sikokianum

This perennial is native to Japan’s woodland and a member of the aroid family. The beautiful flowers offer cloak-like, purple brown spathe flowers around a white, finger-like spadix.

7. Dahlia

Dahlia ‘Brown sugar’ is a perfect choice for your flower collection. It displays bright rusty orange flowers. Also, ‘Chocolate Sundae’ and ‘Black Beauty’ are dark-red plants, featuring bronze-brown to rusty maroon petals, with golden centers.

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