Flower Bulbs Combo - Set of 10 Bulbs

Seeds n bulbs SKU: DK072
Flower Bulbs Combo - Set of 10 Bulbs
Flower Bulbs Combo - Set of 10 Bulbs
Flower Bulbs Combo - Set of 10 Bulbs
Flower Bulbs Combo - Set of 10 Bulbs
Flower Bulbs Combo - Set of 10 Bulbs

Flower Bulbs Combo - Set of 10 Bulbs

Seeds n bulbs SKU: DK072
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                  10 Flower Bulbs Combo 

1. Freesia 2 bulbs
2. Crocosmis 2 bulbs
3. Chinchi rinchi 2 bulbs
4. Trithonia 2 bulbs
5. Nargis 2 bulbs

Combo of 10 Bulb

Fressia bulb 

Bulbs of freesia Freesia is difficult to resist due to its numerous colour variations and seductive floral scent. Freesias make lovely cut flowers that last a long time in the vase. They have up to eight trumpet-shaped, upward-pointing blossoms on leafless stems.

Color                  -   blue, orange, red, violet, white and yellow

Bloom time        -     Spring Bloom, Summer Bloom

Height                 - HEIGHT: 1 to 3 feet WIDTH:To 6 inches wide

Difficulty level      - Easy

Soil   - 

Sites that drain properly are necessary for planting Freesia refracta. In moist soil, these plants do not fare well. Raising the soil level 5-8 cm (2-3 inches) with the addition of organic material will increase drainage. Compost, pulverised bark, peat moss, compost, and decomposed manure all function well and are widely accessible

Water    - 

Throughout the growing season, water thoroughly, but lessen during the blossoming period. As soon as the foliage starts to shrivel and dry up, stop watering altogether. Avoid overwatering as it will damage the corms.

 Fertilizer   -

As soon as the first growth breaks the surface of the soil, a liquid fertiliser can be administered

Chinchi Rinchi

Due to its star-shaped flowe, the genus' popular name, Star-of-Bethlehem Ornithogalum is a genus with roughly 180 species. Long linear to oblong-lanceolate (lance-shaped) leaves are the defining feature of the genus.

Common Name     -Star-of-Bethlehem, Wonder Flower, Chincherinchee

Height               -   Up to 24 inches

Flower Colour         -     Yellow

Bloom Time              -    Summer

Difficulty Level       -   Easy to grow

Chincherinchee care

  • Sowing season of Chincherinchee bulb is in the spring and summer season

  • Choose a location in full sun and be sure the soil is well drained

  • Use the potting mix for bulb

  • Plantation as Garden soil + Compost + Perlite + Sand (2:2:1:1)Soil + Cocopeat + vermicompost (2:1:2)

Sunlight      -     Full to partial sunlight

Watering      -     Moderately

Soil                  -      Well-drained soil

Temperature      -    20 to 30 degrees C

Fertilizer        -  Apply any organic fertilizer.

Nargis bulb

Bulb narcissus The plants are scapose, with a single hollow flower stem in the centre that is leafless. The bulb produces a number of strap-shaped, slender, green or blue-green leaves. Usually, a single bloom is present on the plant stem, but occasionally, a cluster of flowers is present (umbel). Flowers range in height from 6 to 20 inches, can be solitary or double, grow individually on a stem or with several flowers per stem.

Common name            -       Daffodil, daffadowndilly, narcissus

Flower colour             -        Yellow

Bloom time                  -   Late winter or early spring

Height                           -   6 to 20 inches

 Trithonia  bulb

Tritonia are tiny, 80 cm tall, bulbous plants that bloom profusely in the spring. The leaves are fashioned like fans. The flowers have a sweet scent and are various shades of yellow, orange, or brown. They are particularly fragrant at night. They aren't being grazed


Plant the corms in the fall at a depth of about 2 cm above the corm in sandy soil that has some compost that has been fully decomposed.


from the full sun to some shade. Late spring to early summer is when plants bloom. Plant your Tritonia bulbs in late summer or early winter.


As necessary, the soil should be routinely watered and maintained evenly moist.

Crocosmis bulb

The crocosmia flower is grown on slender stalks that are 2 feet (0.5 metres) or longer. The plant will continue to produce throughout the summer after the flowers bloom in May or June. Cut crocosmia flowers work beautifully in indoor bouquets.

Common Name      -      Falling stars, Valentine flower, or montbretia

Bloom time             -       May to June

Plant height            -        2-4 ft.

Temperatures         -      15 degree Celsius

Fertilizer.                 -     Doesn't require additional fertiliser

Toxicity                    -    Mildly toxic to Cats and Dogs

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