Scientifically Proven Herbs Every Man Should Grow to Boost Libido

by Samin Rizvi

7 powerful and scientifically proven Herbs Every Man Should Grow to boost libido, enhance sex life and cure health issues!

There are herbs that boost libido, enhance sex-drive and energy levels in men, proven in various studies. Growing them fresh and making them a part of your diet can naturally improve your stamina, vitality, and mental health.

1. Fenugreek

It is also known to reduce the risks of diabetes, blood pressure, and heart conditions, which are more common in men than women.

How to Consume: Add sprouted seeds to salads. Fresh leaves taste best in curries, soups, meat, and vegetable dishes.

2. Rosemary

How to Consume: Add a dab of it while barbequing meat or roasting fish.

3. Ginkgo

How to Consume: Add fresh leaves in teas or take it in liquid form by leaf extract. Consume 30-60 minutes before going to bed.

4. Tribulus

Botanical Name: Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus is a natural aphrodisiac and popularly used in alternative Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines. It treats erectile dysfunction and sexual desire problems and cures urinary tract ailments.

A Bulgarian study was conducted on 180 men suffering from mild to moderate ED and Tribulus showed a positive effect on participants

5. Asian Ginseng

How to Consume: You can consume ginseng root after steaming or eat it raw in powdered form. It can be added to teas and soups as well.

6. Garlic

How to Consume: Pairs well in marinades, meats, soups, and stews. 

7. Ashwagandha

Also known as ‘Indian ginseng,’ it promotes the production of nitric oxide and increases the blood flow to the genitals in men, which cures impotence and makes them more “manly.” Also, a clinical study on 57 young male subjects resulted that its consumption increases muscle strength and recovery. 

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