Mango Tree Plantation And Spacing

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Mango-Tree-Plantation-Spacing-Urban-PlantsMango Tree spacing will determine how many trees will be needed. Mango Spacing will also affect yield, growth and the management practices of an orchard.

Block or high density plantings in mangoes provide natural protection from wind, but avoid planting trees too close together because they will compete with each other for light, water and nutrients. Mango fruit is borne on the ends of branches, so spacing too closely may severely limit fruit production in mature trees due to shading.

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Mango Tree Spacing 

Mango-Tree-Plantation-Spacing-Urban-PlantsAt Carnarvon, space the rows 5m or 9m apart and the mango trees 5m apart within the rows. When mango trees in the 5m rows start to touch, remove alternate rows and alternate trees (diagonally) within the row so that those remaining are 10m apart on a triangle.
If required, when aam trees are ready for thinning, alternate trees may be top worked or reworked to superior varieties. High density planting in mango hedge hedgerows in Carnarvon has proved successful in attaining very high yields, however this system does require additional capital outlay to establish and manage.
In Gingin, cool weather severely restricts mango tree growth time and lends itself to high density planting in mango. Row spacing of 6-8m and tree spacing of 2-3m should be considered.
In Kununurra, mango trees tend to be vigorous due to the warmer climate. This limits the potential for high density planting in mango with current technology. For lighter soils, row mango spacing of 10m and tree spacing of 5m are recommended. On the heavy or clay soils vigor is reduced so row spacing of 8-9m and mango tree spacing of 4-5m may be used. Less vigorous varieties of mangoes such as Irwin may be planted at a higher density.

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