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Nature Mart Live Plant Buy Palmer Mango Plant
Nature Mart Live Plant Buy Palmer Mango Plant
Nature Mart Live Plant Buy Palmer Mango Plant

Buy Palmer Mango Plant

Nature Mart SKU: NM001
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  • Scientific Name: Mangifera palmer (Mangifera indica).
  • Light, direct sunlight.
  • Suitable location: outdoors.
  • Origin-Florida, USA.

 Palmer mango is botanically known as Mangifera indica in the Anacardiaceae family. Mango is variously known as the "King of tropical fruits," "ambassador of Indian fruits".

 What makes it special in the Palmer Mango Plant?

  • It is a new emerging variety of mango from Florida, and nowadays it is growing successfully in India.
  • It is a late-ripening variety of mango, which means it ripens between July and September.
  • Its plant is neither too tall nor too dwarf; it is of medium size, and the fruits are of a red-purple colour when ripe.

 Light conditions: more than 6 hours of direct sunlight.

 Watering Schedule: Water when the topsoil (2–3 inches) feels dry to the touch. Always maintain moisture near the root zone, especially during the flowering season. Stop watering 1 month before harvesting as it reduces the sweetness of mangoes.

 Soil Type: The soil should be well-draining, fertile, and rich in organic material.

 Fertilizer use: initially apply any organic fertilizer once a month for 1 year. Apply any organic fertilizer after full establishment (2–3 times in a year) or before flowering.

 Plant Protection: The main problem with mango is alternate fruiting. This can be controlled by using Paclobutrazol on non-bearing fruit trees during the first fortnight of September, which will induce flowering and fruit yield during off years.

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