Know What is football flower bulbs?

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It it is red coloured ornamental flower which is propagated through bulbs and seeds. Football Lily flower very attractive flower and acts as a centre of attraction wherever planted. It flourished well in summer and monsoon season and resembles like a football. This plant is propagated through bulbs as well as seeds. But generally propagated by bulbs because it is easy to grow it through bulbs and bulbs produces large and big flowers in comparison to seed planting. 

Why football lily flower is called football flower?

 It is called football flower due to the shape of its flower as they are round shaped and resembles football.

Do you know how football Lily plants are planted? 

The football Lily plant can be planted through seeds and bulbs whereas generally bulbs are used for its planting. Always large size bulbs are preferred for planting because they bloom extremely  beautiful. For planting football Lily  the soil selected should be Porous an it should be the mixture of normal Garden soil,  cocopeat and vermicompost. 

Football plant light requirement?

The bulbs of football Lily plant needs full sunlight whereas after  blooming the plant need shaded area or partial sunlight. Flower can last for about 22 - 30 days approximately. The flowers Bloom in summer season and monsoon season from February to October month where as during winter the bulb  goes under dormant phase and do not flower. After blooming the plant should be kept in shaded area otherwise it will not last for many days and the plant will completely loose it's foliage.

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    Number of days for full bloom after football lily bulb is planted in Delhi NCR now

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