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Buy Red Football Lily Flower Bulbs

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Red football lily

The football lilies are also known as blood lilies due to their umble shaped flower.

Football lily's scientific name is Scadoxus multiflorus. This perennial sprouts from a bulbous rhizome. Because the leaves are intertwined, it appears to have a stem. After or along with the flowers, leaves may emerge. False stems can reach a height of 60 cm.

An umbel inflorescence can yield up to 100 distinct flowers.

Common Name    -   Football lily, blood lily, ball lily, blood flower, Katherine-wheel, oxtongue lily, poison root and powderpuff lily, May lily.

Height                          -   Approx 46 cm

Flower Colour         -    Pink and red shades

Flowering Time.      -    Summer (June- July) to early autumn (September to November)

Difficulty Level      -     Easy to grow

Football Lily care

  • It can be planted indoors or outdoors, in containers or directly in the ground.

  • By seed, propagation is possible.

  • In the spring (March -May), plant the bulbs in a mixture of manure and loam or sand.

  • Maintain a distance of up to 10 inches.

  • Replant occasionally in early summer (June) or spring .

Sunlight      -    Bright light

Watering      -     Medium

Soil                  -    Well-drained growing medium, largely organic in nature

Temperature      -   10 to 30 degrees C

Fertilizer.           -    Use any organic fertilizer.

Harvest Season -   Summer

How frequently do lilies flower-

Lilies only bloom once a year, like the majority of bulbs. To restart the blossoming cycle, they require at least 8 weeks of chilly winter dormancy. Every plant blooms for two to three weeks of the year.

Football Lily uses

  • Because of its vividly coloured blossoms, it is grown as an ornamental plant.

Culinary Use

  • harm after consumption or intake.

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