Red Football Lily Flower Bulbs

Urban Plants SKU: UP80050
Red Football Lily Flower Bulbs

Red Football Lily Flower Bulbs

Urban Plants SKU: UP80050
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Scadoxus multiflorus is the scientific name of football lily. This perennial grows from a rhizomatous bulb. It has a false stem as leaves are wrapped together. Leaves may appear after flowering or with them. A false stem can grow up to 60 cm.

About the Item 

•Common Name- Football lily, blood lily, ball lily, blood flower, Katherine-wheel, oxtongue lily, poison root and powderpuff lily

•Scientific Name- Scadoxus multiflorus

Red Football Lily  Care- 

▪︎Sunlight- Bright light

▪︎Watering- Medium

▪︎SoilWell- Drained growing medium, largely organic in nature.

▪︎Temperature- 10 to 30 degrees C

▪︎Flower Colour- Pink and red shades

▪︎Bloom Time- Summer to early autumn

▪︎Fertilizer- Use any organic fertilizer.

▪︎Harvest Season- Summer.

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