Different Varieties Of Guava Fruit Trees

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The typical guava fruit tree is the Psidium guajava. This Dwarf Guava plant has been in cultivation so long, it's not exactly known where it originated, and in the intervening centuries, dozens of named cultivars have been introduced. Named cultivars include 'Redland', named for a growing region in South Florida, 'Supreme', with guava white flesh, and 'Ruby', with light pink flesh.

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Popular Guava varieties 


  • mildly acidic taste; pink flesh; seedy; 
  • medium to large, roundish fruits 
  • weighing up to 8 ounces; 
  • excellent for processing; wide-spreading, very productive tree.


  • relatively sweet, 
  • of pleasant flavor; 
  • yellowish to salmon flesh; 
  • medium to large, roundish fruit, about 3 inches in diameter; 
  • greenish-yellow skin, moderately thick; the guava tree is a very heavy bearer.

Taiwan Pink

  • subacid to sweet flavor; 
  • few seeds; pinkish-red flesh; 
  • medium to large, roundish fruit weighing 6 – 8 ounces; 
  • spreading tree, high yielding.

Indonesian Seedless

  • good flavor and aroma; 
  • seedless; white flesh; 
  • small guava fruit with yellow skin;
  • dwarf cultivar available.

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Lucknow 49

  • sweet flavor; few seeds, 
  • seeds are soft; milky white flesh; 
  • greenish-yellow thick skin; prolific bearer.

Mexican Cream

  • very sweet, fine-textured, 
  • excellent for dessert; creamy white flesh; 
  • small to medium-small, roundish fruits; 
  • light yellow skin, slightly blushed with red; upright tree.


  •  strawberry flavor; 
  • salmon-colored flesh; prolific bearer.

Psidium Guajava Nana

  • dwarf tree, less than 3 feet; 
  • sweet flavor; pink flesh; 
  • fruit to 2 inches long; requires little pruning.

Red Indian

  • sweet flavor; 
  • medium thick red flesh; numerous seeds; 
  • medium-large, roundish fruit with a strong odor; 
  • yellow skin yellow, often with a pink blush.

Ruby X

  • delicious, sweet flavor; 
  • dark pinkish-orange flesh; 
  • small, roundish fruit; 
  • greenish-yellow skin; 
  • a bushy low growing tree with drooping branches.

Sweet White Indonesian

  • sweet, delicious flavor; 
  • thick white, melting flesh; 
  • large, round fruit, 4 inches or more in diameter; 
  • thin, pale yellow skin; edible seeds surrounded by juicy pulp; 
  • fast-growing tree bears several times a year. 


  • sweet flavor; aromatic; 
  • pinkish flesh; juicy; 
  • large, baseball-size fruit; yellowish-green skin.

White Indian

  • excellent, sprightly flavor; 
  • small to medium-sized fruit; moderately seedy.

White Seedless

  • white flesh of good quality; 
  • improved selection from Florida with seedless.

The guava plant that goes by the common name pineapple guava is not a true guava at all, but is instead Feijoa sellowiana or Acca sellowiana, a member of the myrtle family. The guava fruit has a similar taste to true guava, but this plant is rarely, if ever, grown as an indoor guava plant in pot.

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