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Urban Plants Buy Black Guava Plant Buy Black Guava Plant Online
Urban Plants Buy Black Guava Plant Buy Black Guava Plant Online

Buy Black Guava Plant

Urban Plants SKU: UP00025
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Buy Black Guava Plant :

About the plant :

 Soil requirement:

The Black Guava plant can be planted in any soil that has good drainage.  

Water requirement:  

The plant in a pot requires frequent watering after the planting. 

Water the plant regularly in the summer ( once in a day) .

Water once a week in the winter season . 

Which month is suitable for planting Guava plants?

February - March and August-September are the months most suitable to plant Black Guava. 

 When does Fruit appear in the plant ?

The plant takes about 3 to 4 years to produce fruits .

Size the pot :

The pot taken should be at least 15 to 22  inches deep in which black guava plant is planted.

Sunlight requirement:

The plant thrives well in full sun . This plant requires 6 hours of full sunlight . 

The plant should be saved from afternoon sunlight.

Fertilizer requirement :

Guava plants require nutrients so Fertilizers should be applied to the plant. 

When the plant is young you can apply the Fertilizers once in a month .

When the plant  matures completely then it should be fertilized once in a year.

How  can Propagation be done ?

Propagation is done by cutting.

Cut the young stem of about 4 to 5 inch which has at least two young leaves and plant it in a new plant . 

Where to keep the pot ?

The best place to keep the plant in a place where it can receive full sun for about 6 hours .

How to care ?

Avoid overwatering. 

Water regularly when planted but reduce watering afterwards .

Water only thrice in a week during growth. 

Note :

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