Banginapalli Mango tree Pruning and Care Tips

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The Banginapalli mango trees are medium to large in size ranging between 12-43 meters height. They are evergreen with large symmetrically round awning with an average diameter of 12 meters with dark brown bark.  Mango has high levels of fiber rich in Vitamin C and pulp with high Vitamin A. There are many different varieties of mangoes cultivated in India. We PlantsShip delivers all the best varieties of mangoes of Banganapalli mango plants online across the world.

Characteristics of Banginapalli mango tree

Without proper pruning, the banaginapalli mango tree will grow vigorously. It will grow up to more than 40 meters high. So, if anyone plans to grow hybrid mango varieties commercially, proper pruning is advised. While planting, leave a space of 8 metres in between the Banginapalli mango plants. The bark of the mango plant will have a dark brown colour. High Sunlight is required for maximum yield. 

Pruning and Care of Banganapalli Mango Tree 


Pruning is done to the Banginapalli mango trees for several reasons, to remove pest or fungal affected areas, to allow more sunlight to the trunk, to regulate the tree growth eying harvesting. The Best mango tree can withstand moderate and even severe pruning which reduces the fruit-bearing capacity of the tree at first. But in the long run, it benefits the Banginapalli mango tree. Make sure that the pruning has to start from the plant’s early days. 
Cut the vertical branches in favour of the horizontal branches and do it for at least 2-3 years until the Banginapalli mango tree has a strong scaffold. When the Banganapalli tree comes to the appropriate height you need to trim the tree once or twice a year to regulate the height. 

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