Banginapalli Mango Plantation With fertilization

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Banginapalli mango or banesha mango is the most loved and best mango variety in India . Banganapalli mangoes are sourced from Andhra Pradesh and known for their unique banginapalli mango taste and aromatic flavour pulp. Banganapalli Mango is one of the most widely grown varieties of mangoes. Banganapalli mango stands first for its sweet fragrance and delicious flavour with enriched nutrients. The Banginapalli mango trees are medium to large in size ranging between 12-43 meters height. They are evergreen with large symmetrically round awning with an average diameter of 12 meters with dark brown bark.  Mango has high levels of fiber rich in Vitamin C and pulp with high Vitamin A. There are many different varieties of mangoes cultivated in India. We Plants Ship delivers all the best varieties of mangoes of Banginapalli mango plants online across the world.

Growing BangInapalli mango tree in pot 


It can be planted in a pot and grown as a bonsai tree. Because of the container, the plant will not grow as it is on the ground. Pruning has to be done even if it is in the container. The pot mango tree will grow up to 4 to 8 feets. The pot should be with drainage holes. Before filling the container with fertilisers and soil, add broken pottery to make the drainage more effective.

Banganapalli Mango Tree Planting instructions

  • Good pre-planting preparation required for the Banganapalli plant. 
  • Dig a hole that is 1 metre cross section and deep. 
  • Make a pot mix with topsoil, cow manure, 2kg of bone meal and 2kg of phosphate.
  • Regular watering has to be done during the first three weeks. Later the deviation can be increased in between watering days. 
  • Make sure to water the banginapalli mango plant on summer days at least once a week. 
  • A grown banganapalli mango tree can tolerate both over-watering and low-watering. But to get the maximum yield it is advised to water the Banganapalli plant adequately. 

Fertilisation for Banginapalli mango tree 

The Banginapalli Mango tree does not require constant care or watering. The first fertilising of the soil before planting the Banginapalli mango tree is the most important factor to check. Make a soil mix with topsoil, cow manure, 2kg of bone meal and 2kg of phosphate and fill the hole and plant the tree in this mixture. 
Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium means NPK factors have to be followed. 100 grams of nitrogen, 50 grams of phosphorus, 100 grams of potassium is required during the first year of the banginapalli mango plant. In the second year give 200 grams of nitrogen and potassium and 100 grams of phosphorus to the plant. And after every year adds more than 100 grams to the last year’s quantity to increase the fertilization. Natural fertilizers such as cow manure, compost and other kinds can be added to This banginapalli will preserve the natural traits of the soil.

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    I have 100 Baiganpalli Mango tree and now crop started, where i sell the fruits what is the market system please give some tips

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