Water Bamboo

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Water Bamboo
Water Bamboo
Water Bamboo

Water Bamboo

Green world SKU: GW012
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Horsetail (Equisetum hyemale), also called scouring rush, is a slender, green, reed-type ornamental grass with has tiny leaves fused onto its stems. Horsetail does well in sun or part sun, but is not tolerant of shady areas.

It is a perennial that is evergreen, but this ancient plant is more closely related to ferns than to the perennials we are most accustomed to growing in our gardens. A non-flowering plant, it reproduces via spores and rhizomes. Tall and skinny, you may hear it called joint grass (because of the horizontal bands that run across its stems) or snake grass, but it is not a grass.

Cut off any rhizomes growing out of the pot.
Prune the dead stems after they turn brown in winter.
Water twice in a week.
Apply fertilizer in the spring season.

Water Bamboo Care
Sunlight :- Full to partial sunlight
Watering :- Twice-a-week
Soil :- Sandy loam soil
Temperature :- 20 to 30 degrees C
Fertilizer :- Apply any organic fertilizer


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