wandering jew

Neelu Nangia SKU: NN000124
Neelu Nangia Plant wandering jew wandering jew plant
Neelu Nangia Plant wandering jew wandering jew plant
Neelu Nangia Plant wandering jew wandering jew plant

wandering jew

Neelu Nangia SKU: NN000124
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  • Common Name: Wandering Jew Plant, Inch Plant, Flowering Inch Plant.
  • Scientific Name- Tradescantia zebrina/Tradescantia fluminensis.
  • Family- Commelinaceae.
  • Height up to 6 feet.
  • Light - bright, indirect light.
  • Water- average-moderate.
  • Soil- lightly moist.
  • Net Quantity 1 count.
  • Available in Pot.

    What's so special about wandering jew?

    Wandering jew plants have green, heart-shaped leaves with purple stripes and a silvery sheen. Depending on the variety, the leaves may be solid or variegated. Blooms are small with three petals and can be purple or white.

    Light Requirements: Wandering Jews thrive in bright but indirect sunlight. If it isn't getting enough light, the vibrant foliage will wilt.

    Soil: Moving Jew prefers a light, well-draining soil. You can use a standard houseplant soil mix, but be sure not to leave the soil too wet, which will increase the chance of root rot.
    Water Requirement: These plants require moderate water.

    Fertilizer: Although wandering Jews do not require fertilizer, still if you want you can go for some organic fertilizer application once in a month.

    Pruning, Propagation and Repotting: It is important that you prune your plants regularly as they tend to grow quickly and drop old leaves, which can give it a spindly appearance. To prune a Wandering Jew and increase its fullness, pinch or trim weak or dead growth along with new plant growth.

    They do not age well, usually only lasting two to three years because they tend to look bare and disheveled. If your plant is starting to look unattractive, it's time to propagate new specimens from cuttings.

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