Torenia Kauai Mix-HY

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Torenia Kauai Mix-HY

Urban Plants SKU: UP0002053
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Torenia Kauai Mix-HY

Deep blue, burgundy, lemon drop, magenta, rose, and white makeup Kauai Mix Torenia. Although Kauai Torenia is even more compact and has a better branching habit than Clown Torenia, both species are well-branched and compact.


 When you hear the word Kauai, you immediately think of the tropics, and that's exactly what this plant produces—exotic-looking blossoms that give your yard or patio pots a tropical feel. The name Torenia also refers to Wishbone Flowers. The stamens sprout from the throat's opposite sides and form an arch that resembles a chicken wishbone.

  • One of the few annual plants for the landscape, Torenia can withstand the intense heat and humidity of the summer. In warmer climates, it thrives in afternoon shade.

  • Works well in mixed plantings, color bowls, borders, and beds.

Botanical Name


Common Names

Wishbone Flower, Bluewings, Clown Flower

Torenia is annual.

Mature Plant Size

Torenia forms a trailing mound that reaches about 8 – 12 inches (h) x 6 – 9 inches (w).

Sun Exposure

Partial Shade to Shade. Torenia appreciates some shade in hot areas.

Water requirement 

Water the plant when the topsoil becomes dry.

Pests & Problems of Torenia

  • Torenia has nearly no issues. Their leaves and stems are vulnerable to fungus illnesses that will harm them.

  • Most issues should be avoided by keeping them stress-free (watered and cold) and ensuring excellent air circulation, so the leaves don't stay damp.

Torenia in the Garden

  • Due to its dislike of sitting in dry soil, torenia thrives best in containers. It may grow and shine on its own in hanging baskets, where you'll most frequently find it.



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