Table kamini

Plant guru SKU: PLG027
Plant guru Indoor plants Table kamini
Plant guru Indoor plants Table kamini
Plant guru Indoor plants Table kamini

Table kamini

Plant guru SKU: PLG027
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  • Common names- Vengarai, Kaadu Karibevu, Kunthi and Maramulla.
  • Place-  Indoor, Shaded Outdoor.
  • Soil- Moist and well- drained.
  • Maintenance- Easy to grow.
  • Type of plant- Indoor, Outdoor, Balcony.
  • Pruning- Only beginning of the Growing Season.
  • Can cause irritation to pests.
  • Max reachable height 15-20cm.
  • Flower color white.
  • Net Quantity 1 count.
  • Available in Pot.

    What's so special about Table kamini?

    Dwarf Kamini Plant is a dwarf variety of Murraya paniculata, also known as Kamini Plant, Orange Jasmine. It is a natural bonsai tree and a popular houseplant. Small leaves and random branching are noticeable on this plant which is very essential for bonsai. You can trim it to the size you want.

    Soil-The soil should be well-draining and fertile, rich in organic material.

    Water-Water the plant when the topsoil (1-2 inches) in the pot feels dry to the touch.Do not over water the plant. Water well in summer and give less water in winter and rainy season.

    Fertilizers-Feed the plant with an organic fertilizer once a month during the main growing season. Loosen the top soil without disturbing the plant's roots so that it can take up nutrients and moisture more easily.

    Care Tips

    Remove dead, infected or damaged plant parts and dispose of them away from the plant.

    Do not over water the plant.

    Avoid getting water on flowers and leaves as it can lead to fungal infection.

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