Succulent Combo Set

Urban Plants SKU: UP01
Urban Plants Succulent plant Succulent Combo Set Buy Succulents Combo Set Online
Urban Plants Succulent plant Succulent Combo Set Buy Succulents Combo Set Online
Urban Plants Succulent plant Succulent Combo Set Buy Succulents Combo Set Online
Urban Plants Succulent plant Succulent Combo Set Buy Succulents Combo Set Online

Succulent Combo Set

Urban Plants SKU: UP01
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This set contains 4 Succulent 

1.Aristaloe aristata (Lace Aloe)

This frost-hardy Aloe has leaves that mimic a Haworthia. Unlike some Aloes, this one is particularly fast growing. The dark green leaves have white bumps on them, are wide at the bottom and taper into a sharper point at the top. It has pink flowers that attract bees and hummingbirds.

2. Sedum

Sedum is a perennial plant with thick, succulent leaves, fleshy stems, and clusters of star-shaped flowers. Here’s how to grow sedum in your garden!

3. Echeveria 

This Echeveria is one of the most easily recognizable of its species. The light-green rosette does well indoors when given enough light. It is often referred to as “hens and chicks,” not to be confused with Sempervivum.

4. Graptosedum Species

It is a hairless, rosette-forming succulent. The rosettes are up to 5 inches (12.5 cm) in diameter and grow at the tips of ever-lengthening, hanging stems, creating a low spreading colony up to 6 inches (15 cm) tall. The leaves are succulent, lanceolate, glaucous and up to 3 inches (7.5 cm) long.

Succulents combo set :

About the combo: 

This combo contains 4 succulent plants. Succulents are easy to plant , care for and manage . They do not need frequent watering, moreover succulents are drought tolerant as they already store moisture in their leaves and stems .

Name of the plants in this combo:

  • Aristaloe aristata ( Lace aloe )
  • Sedum 
  • Echeveria 
  • Graptosedum species

Soil requirements for the succulents:

Well drained and Porous soil is required for potting succulents . The large part of the soil should be sand which is prepared for potting succulents.  

Water requirements for succulents:

Succulents do not need too much watering or frequent watering; they are adaptable to less water . 

In summer you can water once in a week and once in a month during winters is the best watering schedule for succulents. 

Sunlight requirement:

Succulents do need proper Sunlight for growth and support.  At Least  4 to 6 hours of sunlight is required by succulents to flourish well .

Temperature requirements:

21 to 24 degrees celsius is the best temperature for good growth of succulents. 

Fertilizers requirements:

Like other plants succulents also need nutrients for growth, they can be fertilized once in a few months ( 2 to 3 months) . 

But fertilizers are not necessarily succulent as they flourishes well when they get the proper amount of sunlight and water . 

How to propagate succulents?

Succulents are propagated by cuttings.

Cut the single complete leaf from the plant and plant this separately in a pot. 

The cutting should be done very gently. 

Where succulents can be placed?

The succulents are beautiful plants that are best to keep or hang near the window where enough sunlight is available.  The plant can also be kept on the balcony .

How to care for succulent plants ?

  • Avoid placing succulents in afternoon sunlight because in this condition the leaves may burn . 
  • Avoid misting in the succulents; this is harmful for the plant.  


We send all the succulents bare rooted/without soil. Because with soil there are chances of root rot . 

Images are only for reference; the actual product may differ in shape and size . 

The product is replaceable but 

non -returnable. 

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