String of Bananas Plant

Sukanya Nursery SKU: SN1008
Sukanya Nursery Plants String of Bananas Plant
Sukanya Nursery Plants String of Bananas Plant

String of Bananas Plant

Sukanya Nursery SKU: SN1008
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The string of bananas plant is a hanging succulent; it has got its name because the leaves are shaped like bananas. They are fast growing succulents and are known to grow in a range of places including wall and hanging planters, while they grow rapidly on ground forming dark mats. String of bananas plant can add flair to your room corners and living areas due to its beautiful and wholly appearance. It resembles string of pearls plant a lot in its look. It is also known by the names of fishhook senecio and scientifically known as 'senecio rowleyanus'. One thing to remember is that string of bananas plants is harmful to pets.

Basic Requirements :
Sunlight: 6-8 hours of indirect bright sunlight
Soil: Well draining, succulent soil
Watering: Watering is required once in two weeks
Fertilizer: Apply any suitable fertilizer from spring to summer

Corners which receive good sunlight are ideal place for keeping the plant.

Planting & care

  • As like any succulent plant string of banana plant are very easy to grow and require very less attention and care.
  • Re-potting should be done after 1-2 years of growth using a new succulent mix.
  • Re-potting should be done without disturbing the root structure of plant.
  • String of banana plant are sun loving plant, a location full of sunlight is must for their growth.
  • Avoid overwatering since its a succulent so it doesn’t need much water to grow.
  • Also they are very easy to propagate and can be propagated from stem and root cuttings.
  • Stem and root cuttings should be planted in succulent potting mix they will grow quickly b/c of their nature.

Uses & Significance

  • String of bananas plant is basically use for decoration or creating an aesthetics of a place, they can be placed alongside shelves or wardrobes.

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