Spinach seeds (palak)

Urban Plants SKU: UP00010121
Spinach seeds (palak)
Spinach seeds (palak)
Spinach seeds (palak)

Spinach seeds (palak)

Urban Plants SKU: UP00010121
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Spinach is a cool-season annual. Plant spinach before the weather warms in spring and again as the weather cools in early autumn.

Spinach doesn’t grow well during long hot summer days or in wet weather.

 Seeds quantity           -  1500 seeds

Where to Grow Spinach

  • Grow spinach in full sun. Grow spinach in partial shade in warm regions.
  • Plant spinach in well-drained, loamy soil rich in organic matter. Add two inches of aged compost or a commercial organic planting mix to the planting beds before planting then turn the soil to 12 inches (30cm) deep.
  • Spinach prefers a soil pH of 6.0 to 6.8.
  • Spinach is hardy and thrives in cool weather; ideal spinach growing weather is 50°F to 70°F (10-21°C).
  • Warm weather and long days will cause spinach to bolt—that is it will flower and go to seed.

Container Growing Spinach

  • Spinach will grow in a container. Allow one plant for each 8-inch (20cm)pot; in large containers plant spinach on 10-inch (25cm) centers.
  • Spinach is heat-sensitive; move containers into the shade on warm and hot days.

Companion Plants for Spinach

  • Grow spinach with other greens and Plant spinach in the shadows of tall crops such as corn or pole beans.

Watering and Feeding Spinach

  • Keep the soil evenly moist throughout the growing season to grow spinach quickly.
  • Avoid splashing muddy water onto leaves; mulch around plants with straw or chopped leaves to avoid getting soil on leaves.
  • Side dress plants with compost tea or a dilute solution of fish emulsion every two weeks during the growing season.

Caring for Spinach

  • Keep planting beds free of weeds to avoid competition for light, water, and nutrients.
  • Cut weeds at soil level rather than digging them out; spinach has a deep taproot but shallow feeder roots that can be injured easily.
  • Mature spinach plants can tolerate temperatures as cold as 20°F (-6.7°C), but it is best to protect plants from freezing weather by covering the bed with a portable plastic tunnel or row cover.
  • Spinach will bolt in temperatures greater than 75°F (24°C). If the weather warms, try protecting spinach under shade cloth set over a frame.

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