Spider Plant

Shirley Singh SKU: SH058
Shirley Singh Pot with plant Spider Plant Buy Spider Plant
Shirley Singh Pot with plant Spider Plant Buy Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Shirley Singh SKU: SH058
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  • Common Name- Chlorophytum comosum, Airplane Plant, Ribbon Plant, and Spider Ivy.
  • Use- Indoor air-purifying.
  • Place- Indoor, Shaded Outdoor.
  • Soil- Moist and well-drained.
  • Family- Asparagaceae.
  • Available in Pot.
  • Plant Type-Herbaceous, perennial.
  • Mature Size-1–2 ft. tall and wide.
  • Maintenance- Easy to grow.
  • Type of plant- Indoor, Outdoor.
  • Net Quantity 1 count.

    What makes it special in the Spider Plant

    • Keeping spider plants in the house will purify the air.
    • Keeping a spider plant in the house increases the indoor oxygen level.
    • To remove negative energy from the house, it is necessary to keep the spider plant in the right place.


    Spider plants prefer loose, nutrient-rich potting soil. Use a soilless medium that can retain moisture but also allow excess water to drain to avoid root rot.


    Spider plants prefer moist but not wet soil. Over-watering can lead to root rot and the eventual death of the plant.


    Spider plants also like moisture; They don't like to be too dry or too wet. Place plants in strong to moderate indirect sunlight.


    Spider plants prefer a moderate feeding of fertilizer once a month during the spring and summer seasons. Use 20-20-20 Fertilizer.

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