Set of 5 White Yami Syngonium plant with pot

Urban plants Set of 5 White Yami Syngonium plant with pot

Set of 5 White Yami Syngonium plant with pot

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Height -5 inch ht

Pot: Plastic

Syngonium white Yami plant 

Syngonium, a genus of flowering plants in the family Araceae with other names including American Evergreen and Arrowhead, is indigenous to tropical rain forests in southern Mexico, the West Indies, Central America, and South America. The family of multicoloured plants known as Syngonium is incredibly diverse and is sometimes grown indoors as an ornamental plant.

Plant Height : 5 inch

Potting Medium : Soil mix

Syngonium thrive in the human living temperature range, which is commonly present at houses in the majority of tropical climate locations, and enjoy low light interior environments. It needs fertilisation and watering less frequently.

We tested its several types by setting them up in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and under heavy shadows in Delhi weather conditions for more than a couple of years, and it thrives. It doesn't need to be fed or watered constantly; a monthly watering . schedule and a spoonful of fertiliser applied in the spring will suffice to keep it happy indoors. It is a fast-growing plant that annually generates 1 to 3 off shoots per plant.

We give detailed instructions on how to care for your new plant, including advice on lighting, feeding, and watering. It is simple to maintain a natural air purifier plant that works tirelessly day and night.

The plant will tolerate neglecting nature, add exotic beauty to the interior design, improve air quality, aid in the fight against sick building syndrome, and last but not least, bring luck. Go ahead and purchase it online or by visiting our offline store for more exclusive collections.

Botanical name        -     Syngonium podophyllum

Common names.           -    Arrowhead plant, arrowhead philodendron, arrowhead vine, African evergreen, American evergreen, goosefoot and nephthytis

Family                              -    Araceae

Found in                  -    Latin America, Mexico

Flowering season      -   Summer

Foliage                  -    Shades of green


Benefits                  -    The plant purifies the air. It is used for decorative purposes.


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