Set of 21 resin planters (size 3-6 inches)

Plant’s Nirvana SKU: PN0012
Plant’s Nirvana Planters Set of 21 resin planters (size 3-6 inches) Set of 21 resin planters (size 3-6 inches)-Urban Plants

Set of 21 resin planters (size 3-6 inches)

Plant’s Nirvana SKU: PN0012
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21 resin planters 

About the planters 

It is a set of 21 resin planters. Any yard may seem lovely and natural by using decorative resin pots. Use these timeless pots, which are strong and ideal for your needs.

The finest natural method for growing plants is using resin plants. They come in a range of colors and shapes. A true gardener can't avoid them because of their attraction and timeless yet distinctive appearance.

These resin pots are ideal for situations where the potting material must dry quickly to promote healthy root growth and prevent root rot since they are slightly porous and allow air and water to pass through the pot's borders.

 Resin pots are a very easy way to give your house a unique appearance and require almost no care.


Self-Watering     -   No

Height                -   3 inch (8.5 cm)

Drainage Holes    -   1



Product Type             - Standard and Tabletop Planters

Color                          -   Multicolor 

Size                            -    3-6 inches

Shape                        - Round, Oval Planters

Product Material       -      polyresin Planters


Window, balcony, patio, study table, office desk, etc.


A variety of indoor plants, including succulents and cacti.


Use a gentle, dry cloth to clean the area, store it somewhere clean and dry, and handle with firm hands.


Images are only for reference; the actual product may differ in shape and size.

The product is replaceable but non-returnable. 

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