Set of 11 Beautiful Succulents

Urban Plants SKU: UP04563
Urban Plants Set of 11 Beautiful Succulents
Urban Plants Set of 11 Beautiful Succulents

Set of 11 Beautiful Succulents

Urban Plants SKU: UP04563
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Set of 11 beautiful succulent:

About the combo:

This combo has 11 beautiful succulent plants. Succulents are thick and fleshy plants that store moisture/water in their leaves and stems. The growing and caring of succulents is very easy and even very busy people handle this plant very easily because this plant does not need frequent watering, fertilizers etc.

Name of the 11 succulent this combo has:

Mammillaria elongata

Kalanchoe robust

Curio radicals





Echinopsis tubiflora


Haworth's aeonium 

Echinopsis chamaecereus

Soil and potting soil mixture for succulents:

The soil requirement of the succulents is very normal like the soil should have a well drainage system and it should be Porous.  The  soil should contain a large part of Sand that helps to drain excess water.

The potting mixture can be prepared by taking  2 parts of normal soil ,2 parts of sand and one part of perlite .

How to water succulents?

Succulents do not need too much watering so very limited watering should be done .

Watering during summer is done once a week and once a month in winter. 

Avoid misting in the succulents; this is harmful for the plant 

Sunlight requirement for the succulents:

Succulents require a good amount of light especially in winters.  Normally 4 to 6 hours of sunlight is good for succulents. 

Save these plants from bright sunlight in the afternoon time . 


Succulents can flourish well without fertilizer even but to enhance the growth of succulents fertilizers could be given once  in a few months.

How often can succulents be repotted?

Succulents can be repotted every two years .

How to Propagate succulents?

Succulents are propagated by cuttings . The leaves or stem of the plant are used as  cuttings for propagation. 

Watering on these cuttings can be done one week after potting. 

Where can succulents be placed?

Succulents can be placed in an area where it can receive a good amount of sunlight near windows and on the balcony. 

Note : 

We send all the succulents bare rooted/without soil because with soil there are chances of root rot . 

Images are only for reference; the actual product may differ in shape and size . 

The product is replaceable but non -returnable.

▪︎Are succulent plants cactus?

A succulent is any plant that stores water in juicy leaves stems or roots to resist occasional drought however a cactus is simply a succulent that can store moisture but is classified separately. Not all succulents on the other hand are cactus.

▪︎Are succulent plants poisonous?

Fortunately, most succulents are non-toxic and will not damage your pet if eaten.

Others contain modest skin irritants, and some can produce mild discomfort when consumed.

▪︎Do succulent plants grow in hanging pot?

Many succulents make fine hanging plants but some do not.

▪︎Do succulent plants need sunlight?

Succulents require approximately six hours of direct sunlight per day depending on the species of succulent.

▪︎How to water succulent plants?

The soak and dry method is the best way to water succulents. Soak the soil thoroughly then allow it to dry fully before watering it again. Also make sure the succulents are in a container with a drainage hole and in a well-draining soil.

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