Sedum Adolfi

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Sedum Adolfi

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Many varieties of Sedum have succulent foliage that is covered in starry flowers in the late summer and fall.

Sedum is a perennial plant that grows 8 to 75 cm tall and spreads out in arid regions. Oval, flat, fleshy leaves are bluish green and feature marginal waves.

Common Name          -   Pink Sedum, Pink stonecrop

Maximum  Height      -  3-6 feet

Flower Colour              -  Pink

Bloom Time                 -  July-September

Difficulty Level            -  Easy to grow

Planting and care

To grow Sedum Adolphi, get a pot with good drainage. The diameter of the container shouldn't be more than two inches larger than the plant's root system.

More potting soil will be present in a larger container than what the plant actually needs to grow. Inactive potting soil retains moisture, and the organic matter it contains will breed fungi that could harm the plant.

When the dirt in the pot is dry, water the Sedum Adolphi. By inserting your finger into the top inch of soil through the gravel mulch, you may determine whether the soil is dry. Water vigorously until the container's bottom is filled with water.

Sedum care

Sedum plants require very little maintenance or attention, so keep that in mind when cultivating them. They will flourish in environments where many other plants do, but they will also thrive in less friendly environments. They are perfect for the area of your yard that receives either too much or too little water for other plants to thrive. Because many gardeners make the joke that only stones require less care and thrive longer, sedum is also known as stonecrop.

Sunlight            -  Full Sun to Partial Shade

Watering          -  Medium

Soil                   -  Well-drained soil

Temperature     -  15-28 degrees C

Fertilizer          -  Apply any organic fertilizer

Sedum Adolphi special feature

Sedum is simple to plant. For shorter types, it is typically sufficient to just lay the sedum on the desired location's soil to get the plant growing there. Wherever the stem touches the ground, they will naturally put out roots.

Sedum Adolphii uses

Ornamental Use 

The plant is utilized as a decorative item.

Medicinal uses 

A root-decoction is used by pregnant women as a tonic, while the fresh root is used as a snuff or chewed to treat colds. The entire plant is used as an anthelmintic enema.


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