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Pet Plants SKU: RAN897
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Succulent in a beautiful ceramic pot.

Sedum :

About the plant :

This plant is drought tolerant and easy to grow as well as manage. Sedum grows well even in unfavourable conditions due to its hardiness . Sedum comes in different shapes and shades ,height and foliage. It has thick fleshy leaves . It is one of the best indoor succulent plants.

Soil requirements for sedum:

Sedum requires well drained soil for growth.  Normal Garden soil can also be used for planting sedum . Soil with good drainage is best for sedum . 

Water requirements for sedum:

The watering in sedum is very limited as this plant does not require regular watering. 

In summer- watering should be done every 8 to 10 days .

In winters - watering should be done once in a month .

Sunlight requirement for sedum:

Sedum can grow well in all light conditions but it flourishes well in 5 to 6 hours of full sunlight. 

Temperature requirements:

The temperature ranges from 10 to 24 degrees celsius. 

Fertilizers requirements:

Sedum is a Hardy plant that does not require any fertilisation or require very less amount for fertilizer. 

Small amount of compost in the soil potting mixture works as fertilizer for sedum .


The propagation in sedum can be done by cuttings.  ( leaf cuttings, stem cutting)

How to Propagate and plant sedum succulent ?

Cut a leaf or stem off from the mother plant gently with a clean knife. 

Plant that cutting in a separate pot and followed by watering. 


The best place to keep the plant is near  the window where it can receive full sunlight .

Benefits of sedum :

Purifies air .

Absorbs harmful toxins from the surroundings. 

Care :

Avoid overwatering 

Avoid keeping a plant in full sunlight for long hours during mid day hours in hot summer. 

Note :

We send all the succulents bare rooted/without soil. Because with soil there are chances of root rot . 

Images are only for reference; the actual product may differ in shape and size . 

The product is replaceable but 

non -returnable. 

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