Sansevieria Fernwood

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Sam Live Plants Sansevieria Fernwood
Sam Live Plants Sansevieria Fernwood

Sansevieria Fernwood

Sam SKU: SJ023
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The snake plant or mother-in-tongue law's are additional names for the Sansevieria Fernwood. It belongs to the Sansevieria genus and is a tough, evergreen succulent.

The Sansevieria suffruticosa and Sansevieria parva, that make up this particular Snake Plant are hybrids. Sansevieria plants come in a wide variety of varieties and hybrids.

Southern Asia, Africa, and Madagascar are the native habitats of Sansevieria Fernwood. Its cylindrical, cone-shaped leaves have tiger-striped patterns in shades of light and dark green, yellow, and occasionally white.

Sansevieria Fernwood Care


The loose, sandy soil with good drainage is preferred by the snake plant. This water-retaining plant would do best in a decent cactus mixture. As with most other plants, it prefers not to have its roots in saturated soil for an extended period of time, soggy or damp soil is a big no.


This small plant is extremely adaptable and can live in almost any lighting condition. The Sansevieria Fernwood will respond correctly in any lighting conditions, including very low light.


Snake plants need very little water and can withstand droughts. Once the soil is dry, usually once per week, watering will no longer be necessary.


Warmer temperatures are preferred by Sansevieria Fernwood. Its preferred temperature range is between 21°C and 32°C (70°F and 90°F), despite not being picky.


There's no need to fertilize the laid-back Sansevieria Fernwood excessively. The only time extra nutrients are needed is in the June to September.


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