Sansevieria cylindrica

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Sam Live Plants Sansevieria cylindrica
Sam Live Plants Sansevieria cylindrica

Sansevieria cylindrica

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Angola is home to the evergreen perennial Sansevieria cylindrica (or Dracaena angolensis), also known as the African Spear, Cylindrical Snake Plant, Spear Sansevieria, Saint Bárbara Sword, or Spear Snake Plant in Brazil. These strange-appearing succulents are noteworthy because of their distinctive, rounded leaves that emerge from a basal rosette.

This succulent can help you out in times of need by reviving the air in your house and serving as an incredibly hardy houseplant. It is also incredibly beneficial to Feng Shui cultural novices because of its ability to repel negative energy.

About Sansevieria cylindrica

  • Typically, Sansevieria cylindrica develops in the wild, spreading horizontally by underground rhizomes. These plants are accustomed to dry environments, so yours won't suffer if you occasionally forget to water it.
  • If the leaves on your Cylindrica plant are curling, this could be caused by overly drying the soil, a lack of hydration throughout the growing season on June to September
  • These tropical succulents prefer the harsh, direct light that will bring out the colours on their leaves. They won't grow very much, even if they can live in some shaded regions.
  • Sansevieria Only during their active growing season do cylinder plants require a thorough fertilizer wash. It is advised that you set the fertilizers away during the winter.
  • You should find a good area to keep it away from children and pets because they can cause irritation to them.

Sansevieria Cylindrica Features:

A succulent plant called Sansevieria cylindrica has smooth, subcylindrical leaves that are dark green to grey in colour.

It is regarded as a succulent that grows slowly, producing a few rosettes from rhizomes that are buried underground and have at least three leaves apiece.


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