Red Champa

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Plant’s Nirvana Outdoor Plant Red Champa
Plant’s Nirvana Outdoor Plant Red Champa

Red Champa

Plant’s Nirvana SKU: PN0012
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Plumeria plants, sometimes referred to as Frangipani and Lei blossoms, are actually tiny trees.

When the temperature begins to cool in the fall in areas with harsh winters, plumerias can be cultivated in containers and taken inside. The Hawaiian lei flower and frangipani have additional popular names. Plumeria trees have a wide range of coloured blooms. The tree itself has a peculiar appearance; the coarse, deciduous leaves, measuring 12 to 20 inches long, are only grouped at the tips of the thick, sausage-like, rough, grey-green limbs.

Common Name       -  Champa, frangipani, Hawaiian lei flower.

Maximum Height    -  Up to 30 feet at maturity.

Flower Colour          -   Any color

Bloom Time             -  June - November.

Difficulty Level        -   Medium


Since plumeria trees are tropical plants, they require climates that are at least somewhat tropical or subtropical for them to thrive. For optimal blooming, plumeria require at least a half-day of direct sunlight. They thrive when planted in well-drained soil in a pot that is the right size for the tree.

Sunlight          - Plumerias do best in full sun

Watering         -  Moderately.

Soil                   -  They don t tolerate poorly drained soils

Temperature   -  Full sunlight

Fertilizer          -  Feed every two weeks during the blooming season from May to September

Plumeria uses

Ornamental Use:

The plant is used as a decoration.

It is typically kept indoors in living rooms and patio areas, and is also used in temples to worship god.

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